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Everyone wants to be immortal, until they are, then they come crawling to me

Thao, this is a shrine to a deity called Ankhanum, which means "red disease" in its native language.


Created from a deity driven mad by the wants of the other deities and being unable to feel the desires that mortals do. The other deities would play games with each other where they would try to kill each other, but being completely immortal, that couldn't happen. They longed for death. This went on forever, and after an immeasurable amount of time, the deity mysteriously became ill. Or at least, everyone thought it became mysteriously ill.
Over a surprisingly amount of time, its condition grew worse. Red fluid started to come from its eyes (the only orifice on its face), veins appeared on its pale skin and it didn't seem fully there mentally.
The illness took its first life, the deity was by itself in a temple, and the death wasn't anything showy, just as an ill animal dies alone, hidden. The deity layed down and never got up.
However, its body did, as a new being, one to both give the gods what they wanted, and to experience what the mortals had.
As the disease spread its way throughout the universe, many, both gods and mortals, had called it Ankhanum. It learned as it ate the gods, took control of mortals and mingled with them. Eventually, he wiped out all of the deities from his universe, aside from a meager couple that managed to escape, and the universe started to collapse from being unable to support itself.
He has since traveled to others, purely for his own enjoyment. Trying new foods, having a lot of sex with the locals, tormenting most other gods he's come across, and is known to take control of mortals and use them as his play things, and eat them if they upset him enough as well. Despite his short fuse and enjoyment in tormenting others, he can be easy to get along with if he feels like it, and can blend in with the locals if the lighting is in his favor.