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Fuck this *grows horns and leaves, accidentally smacking my horns in the doorway*

You call me a monstrous, hideous, crime against nature.
I am nature…

I am teeth and I am death and I am blood and your untimely decay

I consume time, stars, planets, souls, hopes, and dreams. No different from consuming the flesh and fiber of lesser creatures. You are lesser creatures to me.

I devour, I consume, I posses, I take, I assimilate, I am.

i screamed my fury
& the earth shuddered beneath
the sky fell down around me
& i danced whilst laughing in the fiery rain
i am a ( CREATURE )
··· come to d͍̖̣̪̺͈̙ͬͪ̎̂͘e̻͚͎̦͕͔͚ͭͭ͂̓ͅs̵͙̅͋̓̾ͣ͗̚͜͡ṱ̞̰͙̥͓̠̯̋̌̏̂̔͟r̴̵̘͇̞̟̒͑̂̓͋̓o̯̦ͫ̋̑̆̀ͮ͆̒̕y̵̦̝͎͂ͨ͒̕ ···

I have a god in my throat, young man.

Your stamina is limited. My rage isn’t. Good luck.

I am the wild god.

I am the end of all things, and I will be yours, too.

“I am not a creature that was born. I am a fire that was set.”

i killed my god and then became him

“Sweet fluid dripping from a torn throat… splattering as I sink my teeth into rich flesh… This is a good sensation.”

there is so much power and rage running through my veins; i could tear you apart with the force of anger alone

I’m a rogue god. Something that shouldn’t exist, and yet, here I am.

theres a kind of divinity in being unholy too