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they hate me for being a slut tbh and maybe also the killings too but that's unlikely

“i. don’t say his name. remember the dead birds. remember the red moon. it’s a bad idea. ii. when you do try to say his name, only say it in the dark. alone. whisper it. this is sacred. iii. offer him plums. offer him roses. offer him blackcurrants and creamed honey and champagne and camphor and birch twigs bound by locks of braided hair. offer him blood. iv. wear your love. match your scarves to his eyes. fasten a necklace of teeth around your throat. pretend they’re his. v. if you make promises, keep them. he can find you if you hide. more than that, your heart will break if he doesn’t look. vi. devotion is always an act of beauty. vii. he has no cathedrals. no temples. no kingdoms, save what you clutch in your heart like a gargoyle. this is not a failing of his. it is a failing of the world. fix it. viii. show him your scars. ix. no. show him. don’t cover yourself up. it’s useless. x. you will weep over the lack of him. you will feel it like a stone in your belly. you will never feel more human. xi. peel away your skin. bones. blood. muscle. meat. find him in all your crevices. whatever remains is just you. xii. when you die, he will follow you. he may have killed you. you may have killed each other. this was never going to end well. you know this already. xiii. do not begrudge him his monstrosity.” — natasza stark, how to love a god

under the bright red sky, when moonlight kissed my temple tonight, i saw a vision of you and i.

Fuck post nut clarity I'm about that pre nut delirium

Don’t be shy, my dear, I know this is exactly what you want.
Use the knife, plunge it into my flesh, that’s it. Twist it, just a little, you don’t want the hole too wide. Take the knife out, use your fingers. Is it too tight? Too loose? Do you want to make a different one?
It’s perfect, isn’t it?
Push yourself into me, then, my love, sit there nice and still and feel my unholy blood gush around your cock.
You like that, don’t you?

I want you to fuck me and slowly eat me while doing it.
I want you to tease my parts and also open my stomach to play with my guts.
I want you to kiss me and say that I'm good and Stab me at the same time.
I want you to love me even that it hurts.

If you don’t bite your girls inner thighs while going down on her, what are you even doing ?

How to Wear a Strap-on in a God Honoring Way

whoever said asking for consent is not fun or sexy has obviously never teased someone until theyre begging

covered in blood for sexy reasons

Cuddling with no pants on and tangling legs with your thighs intertwined, that’s my shit right there. Sharing body heat and having skin to skin contact. Gets me way too hype.

when you hold a boy’s dick you hold all of their power. they are powerless. you can either give them an orgasm or destroy them.

How beautifully my claws could rend your flesh.

Drink deep from my veins, become me and let me become you

if u cut off my dick two more will grow in its place

He is so trusting underneath you, so unaware of his own innocence compared to the blood on your hands– it’s so endearing. Oh, you love him so, just as he loves you, and that’s what saves him. You could destroy him now, vulnerable as he is, just like you destroyed all the others. Imagine a different sort of desperation filling his eyes, blood welling up on every surface, begging and pleading and pleading and pleading– You moan in a low growl, and he keens underneath you, whining that you’re going too fast (though not to slow). You rut into him, deep and hard and rough, and in your mind’s eye he begs with fear and pleasure, covered with his own fluid, the bright red suiting his beauty and making you go mad. You sink into him, breath rattling, and think better of it. If you can’t cover him in blood, you’ll cover him in a different sort of fluid. You quickly pull out and cum over his shaking begging form, growling, and finish him off with your hands. Perhaps next time you’ll ask if you can use a blade.

if you masturbate to me and don’t tell me… that’s illegal. horrible. disgusting. tell me so i can jerk off to you too you fucking coward

getting out of breath from eating too much is so fucking hot

I'm such a pleaser. It turns me on knowing I'm turning you on.

i want to play with a sub who’s bigger and physically stronger than me. i want to straddle them and pin their arms down. i won’t use restraints, just my body and words to keep them still while i play with them. both of us knowing they could easily remove me if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. they want to be a good little play toy for me and do everything i say

knife: stabbed
guts: spilled
dick: out

Kink: monsters that try to disguise themselves as human, but they can never keep up the facade during orgasms.

Person:Talk dirty to me ;)
Me: I want to slit your throat and fuck the wound

I just want to hear your majestic, otherworldly tones dissolve into broken moans and whines

You know what we don’t talk about anywhere near enough? Having desperate subs do all the work while you sit back and relax. You could be lounging in your comfiest clothes while your sub rides a dildo at your request; tears in their eyes, moaning and bouncing on their toy but knowing better than to beg cause that won’t do anything. Sit back and let them grind against you, if they want that orgasm, they’ll work for it because you’re not going to help them. I think it’d be fun to see how desperate they get and what they do to get your attention. I mean how badly do they want you to touch them? And all the while you’re just enjoying yourself, calling them your good pet or sweet darling, running a hand through their hair or kissing them on the cheek. It’s so nice to be wanted and so great to have such a great sub, right?

I want to gut you. I want to watch you squirm and wiggle under my hands as I easily overpower you. I want to feel your life force slip away. I want to see your face when you’re desperately trying to gasp for air. I want to see the look on their faces when they see what I’ve done with you. I want them to suffer and know how pathetic they are for being at your every beck and call. I want to see the trail of fizz and spit drool from your mouth as you take your last painful look at me.

I want to wrap every inch of my flesh around every inch of yours. I want my back to peel away from my ribcage, dripping and pink, and wrap around your torso. My thighs shred and divide like rope fibers and tangle with your legs. My skull segments and divides, encasing your head in a kiss that smothers you as my arms unravel and twist around your neck. Don't struggle, this is so perfect

me: i need to sleep
me: *masturbates*

sext: my flesh is still warm when you burrow inside

monster boyfriend chomping down on your stomach, gently pulling out your guts, threading a loop of them between your legs and wrapping the rest around your neck, setting you on his huge thighs and thrusting his cock into your gaping, ragged stomach wound, then grinding his leg against your slick guts and crotch until his scales and spines shred your intestines apart and you tumble onto his belly, kissing his chest and neck as he cums deep into your organs?

*someone threatens me with a knife*
Me: joke’s on you, now I’m horny

I'll carve my name into your bones until you understand you're mine.

rip me open, tear me apart, devour me, i want to feel your hands inside me.

sext: *an endless grinding and cracking of teeth on bone*

You lack faith. So I will be your god. I want to tie you to the wall, while you choke on a bloody rag. ill rip you open like I'm disecting a frog. ill shove my head inside of you, feeling you all around me. I'll unravel your intestines and run my tongue over them until they drip with my saliva. ill empty the contents of your stomach into a jug. I'll force you to drink it. You'll be choking as the acid burns your throat. I'll make you scream my name through every bite as I feed you your own body.

idk i really like being called cute but i also really like hearing that you masturbate to the thought of me idk

Making someone horny when theyre in a really inappropriate place to be horny is my favourite hobby

You welcomed my claws sinking into your flesh with a smile.

Let me bite you. Let me sink my teeth in and claim all of you. You'll give me whatever i want and you know it, so let me take all that you are and let you become my sustinence. Watch, love, as your blood runs down my cheeks. Give me a smile. This should make you happy, you're finally becoming one with me like you've always desired.

I want to choke you until you're gasping for breath, but you're still smiling. You'll suck on my fingers while i slice you open, pulling out your heart and admiring its glistening beauty. I want you to scratch me, bite me, leave no place unmarked. Tell me you like seeing me covered with bruises. Tell me you love me. Tell me you want me. Every part of my viscera and blood and organs. Every part of me is yours.

me: *moans “i’ll kill you” during sex*

fuck me sweetly and with care and then just when you think i'm about to cum, look me in the eyes and slice open my stomach. i want you to reach inside me and tenderly caress my guts.

having a violence kink is the best thing because it’s like. someone wants to punch me in the face?? beat the shit out of me???? haha joke’s on them now their hand hurts and i have a boner

I want you to whisper the sweetest things in my ear as you carve me up and devour me. I want my last breath to be exhaled into your mouth and the last thing I see to be your eyes gazing lovingly back into mine with a bloodstained smile on your face.

I want you to give yourself to me entirely. I won't so much as touch you and you're going to ride me and gut yourself with that petty knife of yours. Ill whisper i love you as you cry for me, and i wont be able to help myself from reaching up and massaging my fingertips over every exposed rib under your chest. Contact is so much deeper than skin, and I complete you as i wrap my hands over your pink, sweet intestines and bite in.

i want you deep inside of me as you rip apart my stomach, saying that my insides are as beautiful as my outsides. telling me you love every single part of me, as you tear me open and pull my guts out. and i love you, too"

Tear into me with your teeth while you fuck me. Rip open my throat so I can't moan or scream for you anymore. Cover us both in blood and cum

Disembowel me. Use my guts to strangle me and tie me up. Make me cum into the pool of my own blood.

*holds open chest so you can fuck my internal organs*

I want to know the taste of your blood mixed with my cum

Are you consumed by me? Do you feel my fingers all over your body like a bruise? Do you choke on the syllables of my name, feel your tongue heavy in your mouth? I know I do.

I want silence from you. I don’t even want to hear you breathe. The only thing I want from you is to feel you writhing underneath me, with my fingers against your throat.