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Based on your desire to go apeshit! To just fucking lose it! To become a vassal for rage greater then this earth!

Don’t kill God if you aren’t going to eat Him and gain His powers. It’s just wasteful.

i’m not wife material i would kill and eat you
i am wife material i would kill and eat you

after careful consideration i’ve decided to become an abomination

roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
but i’m gonna eat you

Fun quarantine activities for you and the kids at home:

excuse my language but it is so bizarre to me how common it is to refer to someone’s dick as their “meat”. like. it’s all meat. all of you. the whole fucking thing is meat and water. and bones that aren’t even really yours you’re just borrowing them. what the hell

“I can see your nipples through your shirt” first of all stop being ungrateful.


whatever *unleashes all the animalistic rage trapped inside me*

the fact that i am constantly saying strange and unpleasant things is just part of my charm

*picks up a human* what the fuck? *shakes it a little* what the fuck?

nobody knows where i came from i just showed up one day and started doing my thing and god was like who the hell is that i didn't invite them

friendly reminder that i literally, actually cannot die, and id love to see any of you fuckers try to take me down

If anyone wants to fight a god I’m here and ready

The mortifying ordeal of knowing ME

good fucking morning *levitates towards you with ill intent*

“Don’t touch it! That’s the corpse of a god.”
“you are what you eat,” i reply as i begin to build a fire

you: I got your back buddy
me, an intellectual: I posess your spine friend

as long as i strike terror into the hearts of my enemies what does it matter what my "gender" is
i don't identify as "male" or "female" i identify as a threat

I want to infect you.

I will never die. At the end of all things, I’ll still be there in the endless dark.

I am not evil. You are just irrelevant.

Nietzsche: God is dead.
Yog-Sothoth: THAT god is dead, and delicious.

I could take on a form you’re comfortable with, but I won’t.

why when you show your true form in public its "must had a rough week" and "you look tired" BUT WHEN I do its "unnatural" and "oh holy shit whAT THE FUCK IS THAT OH NO OH GOD NO" you guys really need to embrace everyday cosmic horror

just a reminder to my new followers that if were ever able to cross the explanatory gap and share our color perception qualia with each other, proving finally that we all do see colors differently, my red is real as shit and youve been seeing crap fake red. so come to terms with your shit fake red while it lasts

incoming transmission from the big man





god says he made every thing except me and wants to know who i am

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent form*

*mutates into a new, more virulent f

haters see me and say christ what is that

i may be a monster, but at least i don’t deny it.

Slay the god! Slay the god! Eat his liver take his place
Slay the god! Slay the god! Remind him why he hid up there

i may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep inside im actually angrier

I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

Don’t like it? Become God

Unpopular Opinion

Just because I’m an “unholy abomination” from “the netherworld” who “eats the flesh of the living” doesn’t mean I deserve to be shot at with a crossbow.

No blood.

No bones.

No skin.

And don’t you forget it.

My body is my temple. Ancient and crumbling. Probably cursed and haunted.

i swear to god if another human asks me to prove that im a god i will rip their throats from their puny mortal body

You will crumble beneath my feet
as I bring your empire to fall.

i am a god compared to anything you’ll ever be

the first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself

what, with all due respect, the absolute fuck

you dummies still arguing about your third eye I’m opening my 5th one right now

you idiots still talking about your 2 balls meanwhile my gf is sucking all 6 of mine right now

one must ask themselves when is it enough? how much does one need to fulfill their notion of “enough”? that being said I have 7 balls fuck you

i finally open up to you and all you say is “YOUR ORGANS ARE ALL OVER MY CARPET”????? wow i cant believe this consider this friendship OVER

I really hate that there’s all these deities of this world that rely on their worshippers for their power. Did you even exist before these people did, like you say?

bullshit you did

I’m what the kids call ‘an atrocity to god’.

I’ve polished this anger and now it’s a knife.

Gods, it's what's for dinner!

I like my gods to be fermented for at least six months to a year, then bottled and aged for another year before consuming them to induce ritual possession. For lesser spirits, they are best taken if baked directly into the Cakes after ritual.

[Softly but with a lot of feeling] fuck

I will destroy you from the inside out and wear your body as a trophy

That sound when you pull skin away from muscle 👌

i will vore my way out of hell to fuck up the sentient god of cops

attempting to destroy suprisingly naked gods

i am not tame. i am sharp teeth and claws. i will tear you apart. i will devour you.